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L.B. Plast cuenta con una plantilla preparada y cualificada, desde la elaboración del proyecto hasta la producción de cada producto.

L.B. PLAST’s experienced and competent staff constantly work on the improvement of products and processes, as well as the expansion of the product range.
The company’s Research & Development Team manages the creation of every new product from the design process to the test stage, which are all carried out in our laboratories.
L.B. PLAST has also registered a number of utility models as well as the design of several aesthetically pleasing products.

L.B. PLAST products comply with the following standards: UNI EN 274-2004, UNI EN 13310-2015, UNI EN 228-2003. Having always been an export-oriented company,
L.B. PLAST has also certified the products for being distributed on different markets. By adapting the characteristics of the products to their specific requirements, L.B. PLAST has created a range of products for:

The United States and Canada. The cUPC certificate confirms  (for products whose item code starts with NA) that our products comply with
ASME A112.18.2 2015/CSA B125.2-15 standard;
Australia. The Watermark certificate (for products whose item code starts with AU) confirms that our products comply with the WMTS-040:2016 standard.