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Drain for kitchen sink

Since 1980 L.B. Plast has been producing drain for kitchen sink for wholesale dealers and sink manufacturers.

Drain for kitchen sink

The company’s success is based on a combination of quality, innovation and a broad range of products that can be customized in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Reliability, flexibility and a customer-focused attitude are some of L.B. Plast’s main strengths. The company has earned the trust of a growing number of customers both in Italy and abroad, establishing a reputation as a top manufacturer of traps and wastes for kitchen sinks.

Our plumbing kits prevent food waste from clogging up the siphon, thanks to a basket plug where all waste is collected. Drains come in a variety of dimensions in order to perfectly fit in sink holes of different kinds.
Furthermore, all products comply with the latest regulations on quality and safety.

You may also be interested in waste fittings and traps.
Should you have any questions about drain for kitchen sink, please do not hesitate to contact L.B. Plast sales department.

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