Ø114 basket strainer wastes for kitchen sinks, kitchen sinks accessories
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Ø114 Basket strainer wastes
Ø114 Basket strainer wastes

Ø114 Basket strainer wastes

Quality starts with the details

Our models of basket strainer waste are divided into:
  • Classic: basket strainer waste of traditional elegant design, featuring a deep strainer and a long pin
  • Multi Ray: basket strainer waste of essential design and compact size, combining functionality and competitive price
  • Multi Style: basket strainer waste of refined design combining straight and curved lines, ideal for angular shaped sinks
  • Mineral: basket strainer wastes in brass, copper and stainless steel coming in a wide range of colours thanks to special finishing processes
  • Mercurio: basket strainer waste of surprising design, suitable even for the most traditional sinks
  • Plastic basket strainer wastes: available in different colours and made of first choice plastic
  • Products for waste disposers: flanges and stoppers compatible with the bestelling waste disposers in the world, available in different materials, colours and finishes