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Presentación del producto


L.B. Plast launches URSA. A new product making installation easier and faster Watch the videos. 2 BOWLS                                                          1 BOWL   ADVANTAGES: […]

L.B. Plast overflows

L.B. Plast offers round and rectangular overflows that can be equipped with a steel grid depending on the kind of sink. Our overflows are also […]

New models of horizontal overflow

The new overflows are ideal for composite sinks and are suitable for overflow holes of different shapes.To fix these overflows you just need […]

L.B. Plast product customization

By request our customers can have their logotype laser marked on most steel components. At a small extra cost you can add your […]

Gemini and Elegance overflows

L.B. Plast offers two different rectangular overflows: tried and tested model Elegance and brand new overflow Gemini, named after our unique rectangular waste strainer. Both […]