L.b. plast basket waste strainers
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L.B. Plast basket waste strainers

L.B. Plast offers a wide choice of basket waste strainers of classic or modern design.

CLASSIC is a basket waste strainer of traditional design featuring a deep strainer and a long pin.The innovative MULTI STYLE model perfectly combines a square basket plug with a round hole on the sink.
MULTI RAY basket waste strainer is a very competitive product thanks to its essential design and compact size.SATURNO is a basket waste strainer of elegant refined design, adding a dash of originality even to the most traditional style sinks.
MINERAL line includes both copper and
wastes and steel wastes with PVD coating, perfectly combining with the colour of the sink or the faucet.
The latest L.B. Plast product is GEMINI, a unique rectangular waste with Space Friendly connection pipe and steel cap covering the overflow screw.